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Magnetic Particle Inspection Equipment


The Magnaflux P-Series is an extremely compact, lightweight portable magnetizing unit designed for use in a wide range of magnetic particle inspection applications that require only moderate power to perform.

Perfect for in-service inspections demanding maximum portability, the P-Series is built tough to take job-site abuse and offers many of the features and convenience of our larger units.

The current control potentiometer of P-Series P-70 and P-1500 units provides infinitely variable magnetizing and demagnetizing current control. A power transformer, supported by fan cooled silicon diodes, transforms the high voltage, low amperage line input to low voltage, high amperage half-wave D.C. for magnetizing. Low voltage, high amperage A.C. is also provided for magnetizing and demagnetizing.


  • Locate surface discontinuities using AC current. Switch cable connections to halfwave DC (HWDC) to locate near surface defects
  • Locate discontinuities in any direction using prods, central conductor or coil wrap
  • Infinitely variable current control
  • Demagnetize parts in AC mode by slowly turning current dial to zero
  • Built-in automatic-reset circuit breaker

P Series Benefits:

  • Either-end terminals for quick changeover
  • Unit comes with control cable with activation button

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